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             I  feel so relieved on getting your reply. 

                         The question which I  was asking is something like this-  

                       While going through the book 'Bhamati' by Bachaspati Mishra( 8-9th CE) 

,I came across the following argument preferred by the Purvapakshis -

            ''  अथ यद असंदिग्धाम अप्रोयजोनम प्रेक्षवत प्रतिपीतसा गोचर'

     i.e. Atha Yad Asandigdham Aproyojonam Prekshavat Pratipitsa Gochara

 What is the implication of the word' प्रेक्षवत प्रतिपीतसा? ( Prekshavat Pratipitsa )

                                                       ALAKENDU DAS






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