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Thanks very much, Hartmut,
It's not at all for students, but useful for me.
best regards, Matthew 

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Dear Matthew,

 although not being explicitly concentrated on SRK, 
Straube in his article ”Dharmakīrti als Dichter” takes up an important Buddhist contributor 
to the SRK and while considering him in a broader context, he indirectly and directly 
(cf. p. 475f., where he employs SkV as a siglum for the anthology) relates to that work.

Unfortunately, given your inquiry might (also) be related to some of your students’ interest, 
Straube’s article is written in German, hence probably of limited access to your students in Chicago, 
while the French and German students often seem to have better access to each other’s language.

Anyway, his article being attached, you’ll quickly see, how useful it might turn out for your purposes.

Best wishes,


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