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Dear Omar,

This is from the Cilappatikāram.
See here for a translation:
pp. 34 and 57


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> Dear Professors and Collegues,
> my name is Omar Abu Dbei and I am currently a PhD student under the
> supervision of Raffaele Torella in Rome.
> While consulting Vettam Mani’s  *Purāṇic Encyclopaedia*, I have found a
> reference, under the entry *Urvaśī *(pp. 812-813), to a mythical episode
> that might be, under many respects, of the greatest interest for my
> research:
> *Once Agastya went to the durbar of Indra. On the occasion Indra asked
> Urvaśī to dance. In the midst of the dance she saw Jayanta, the son of
> Indra, and became amorous and her steps went wrong. Nārada who was playing
> his famous lute called Mahatī could not play well. Agastya went angry and
> cursed Jayanta to become a bud. He cursed Nārada also. So his lute became
> the lute of the world. Urvaśī was born on the earth under the name Mādhavī
> due to the curse*.
> Unfortunately, no Sanskrit source is recorded and, not being a specialist
> myself in the field of *Purāṇa*s, I have been unable so far to find any
> possible one. Is there anybody who knows the exact source of this myth?
> Many thanks for your attention.
> Kind regards,
> Omar Abu Dbei
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