[INDOLOGY] Skt vocabulary from the title pages and prefaces of Sanskrit editions

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I did this little list of vocab list for my students:

   - granthamālā series
   - viracitam composed, written (suffixed to author's name)
   - vyākhyā commentary (Y-viracitayā X-vyākhyayā "with the commentary
   called X composed by Y")
   - ākhyā called (X-ākhyavyākhyayā "with the commentary called X")
   - upāhvaḥ called (signalling a surname)
   - saṃśodhitam edited
   - vidyālayaḥ university, college
   - prakāśakaḥ publisher
   - saṃskaraṇa edition
   - mūlyam price
   - mudrakaḥ printer
   - mudraṇālayaḥ printing office
   - upodghātaḥ preface, introduction
   - hastalikhitam manuscript
   - pustakam book
   - ādarśapustakam manuscript used for comparison or as a witness to the
   text, exemplar
   - sūcī index
   - sūcīpatram index, contents page
   - -mahodaya respected, professor
   - prācīna old
   - tāḍapatram palm leaf
   - pustakālayaḥ library
   - granthasaṅgrahaḥ library, book collection
   - preṣita sent, posted
   - sakāśāt samupalabdham received from him in person
   - prāpta got, received
   - saṃpādita completed
   - kroḍapatram fragment, note
   - ṭippaṇī note
   - vivaraṇam commentary
   - khaṇditapatram broken leaf
   - pāṭhaḥ reading (as in, manuscript variant)
   - pāṭhāntaram (variant reading)

Additions?  Corrections?

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