[INDOLOGY] krishnamacharya and 'inner wealth'

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In the Viveka Cudamani, Shankara speaks of four attainments starting with verse 18. There are viveka, vairāgya, and mumukṣutva,
The fourth is Śamādiṣaṭsampatti, or, ṣaṭsampatti, the six attainments: (i) śama; (ii) dama ; (iii) uparama; (iv) titikṣa; (v) śraddhā; (vi) samādhāna


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Dear Friends, 
At the top of page 16 from this English translation of Krishnamacharya's "Yoga Makaranda", there is a list of four characteristics that he suggests need to be attained through yogābhyāsa, and which are said to comprise jñānam:
The original text is written in Kannada (1934), and this English translation (2006) is from the Tamil edition (1938). I haven't been able to locate a copy of either the '34 or '38 editions. 
I'm wondering if anyone might be able to tell me what the term is that he uses for "inner wealth".
The three other characteristics are familiar to me, viz., viveka, vairāgya, and mumukṣutva. 
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