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Tue Jan 10 14:58:04 UTC 2017

Dear All,

we are happy to announce that, at the end of 2016, two new issues of the Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies have been uploaded at our new main location, Cross-Asia Journals at Heidelberg.

Vol. 23, 2 is an extensive  paper by Doris Srinivasan, dealing with the vexed question of the Kuṣāṇa time deity Oešo and his relation with Śiva.

"This paper brings together studies published over the last fifteen years which clarify aspects of the so-called Oešo/Śiva problem. Essentially, the problem revolves around the identification of the figure on Kuṣāṇa coins and seals which has some 'Śiva' markers but is inscribed 'Oešo'. The prevailing opinion that the figure is Śiva cannot be maintained in light of the information from the recent findings, discussed below…"

Vol. 23,3 by Marcos Albino deals with a difficult passage in the Maitrāyaṇi Saṃhitā.

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