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Dear Ashok,

Thank you very much for reminding us of this book.  I am going to go to my
local bookstore to order it tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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> A colleague has asked about the history of the term “paṇḍita”
> Much relevant material can be found in: The Pandit. Traditional Sanskrit
> Scholarship in India. Festschrift Parameshvara Aithal.  (ed) Michaels,
> Axel. New Delhi: Manohar. South Asian Studies series.
> I have contributed an article to this volume which may be considered
> directly relevant to your query:
> "Paṇḍita and pandits in history.”
> The second article in the same volume which indirectly explains how the
> uses noted so far on this thread become possible is: "The pandits from a
> piṇḍa-brahmāṇḍa point of view.”
> a.a.
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