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Fri Feb 24 08:35:12 UTC 2017

  In course of studying Adwaitya vedanta philosophy ,I am aware of a few sutras from the 2nd 

chapter of the  BrahmaSutra by Badarayana where the  Adwaitya philosophy has negated and refuted  

Buddhdist philosophy ( especially theories like ksanikaVada and Patticchya Samutpada) by Sutras 

like 'Asati Pratigya Aporodha JaugyaPaddyam (2/2/30),Anusmritescha etc. 

                                                             I would like to know if any other 

Vedanta text exists where Buddhist philosophy has been refuted likewise,although I must admit 

that I do  have a deep respect for Paticchya Samutpada ( Law of dependent origination) .

                                                              ALAKENDU DAS.

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