[INDOLOGY] Skt vocabulary from the title pages and prefaces of Sanskrit editions

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I would add the pustakalaya 'library' can mean 'publishing house'.
Can't sampadita mean 'assembled' or 'collected' in addition to completed?

Bhasabhasya and bhasatika.  Vernacular commentary. My impression is that the first often means not quite a commentary but a somewhat expanded translation into a modern language, while the second may mean more what we usually mean by 'commentary'.  What do others think?
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  On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 3:53 PM, Dominik Wujastyk via INDOLOGY<indology at list.indology.info> wrote:   I did this little list of vocab list for my students:
   - granthamālā series
   - viracitam composed, written (suffixed to author's name)
   - vyākhyā commentary (Y-viracitayā X-vyākhyayā "with the commentary called X composed by Y")
   - ākhyā called (X-ākhyavyākhyayā "with the commentary called X")
   - upāhvaḥ called (signalling a surname)
   - saṃśodhitam edited
   - vidyālayaḥ university, college
   - prakāśakaḥ publisher
   - saṃskaraṇa edition 
   - mūlyam price
   - mudrakaḥ printer
   - mudraṇālayaḥ printing office
   - upodghātaḥ preface, introduction
   - hastalikhitam manuscript
   - pustakam book 
   - ādarśapustakam manuscript used for comparison or as a witness to the text, exemplar
   - sūcī index
   - sūcīpatram index, contents page
   - -mahodaya respected, professor
   - prācīna old
   - tāḍapatram palm leaf
   - pustakālayaḥ library
   - granthasaṅgrahaḥ library, book collection
   - preṣita sent, posted
   - sakāśāt samupalabdham received from him in person
   - prāpta got, received 
   - saṃpādita completed
   - kroḍapatram fragment, note
   - ṭippaṇī note
   - vivaraṇam commentary
   - khaṇditapatram broken leaf
   - pāṭhaḥ reading (as in, manuscript variant)
   - pāṭhāntaram (variant reading)

Additions?  Corrections?
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