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I am happy to announce the publication of "The Satsangijivanam by 
Śatananda : The life and teachings of Swaminarayan : An English summary 
of contents with index", edited by Jaydev A. Jani and Peter Schreiner, 
which is available as ebook and/or as paper copy (hardbound).

Swami Sahajānanda (1781-1830), the founder of the Swaminarayan Movement 
let his immediate disciple Śatānanda write the Satsaṅgijīvanam in order 
to guarantee that his teaching and influence continue to live among his 
followers. The content of this extensive work, composed in metrical 
Sanskrit, is here presented in an English summary, supplemented by an 
index of names and motifs. The text describes the biography of Swami 
Sahajānanda and is a revealing document for the religious situation of 
Hinduism in the Gujarat of its period. As a Dharmashastra it prescribes 
the customs to be observed during festivals and the norms and values to 
be followed in private and public life, norms that should replace and 
reform practices considered as improper (like animal sacrifice).

The book is available for free download as pdf-file from 
CrossAsia-eBooks. --
A paper copy (hardbound, 612 p.) can be ordered for 44.90 Euros.

Along with the summary the digitized transliteration of the complete 
Sanskrit text is made available in two formats (input format and 
conventional text format) through the link on the CrossAsia-eBooks 
repository for research data

The Sanskrit text is also deposited in the textarchive of the Institute 
of Indology at Zürich where the Satsaṅgijīvanam project was carried out 
by Prof. Jaydev A. Jani and myself.

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