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Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Fri Feb 10 15:59:30 UTC 2017

Thanks, Dominik, for sharing this beautiful Devanagari Unicode font.  I
just installed it on my Macbook, and it is working just fine.


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> AnnapurnaSIL (a Devanagari script font) version 1.202 is a maintenance
> release fixing two issues. One was in Graphite where reph was skipping the
> aakar after the ya. The second was an issue on Windows computers where the
> candrabindu disappeared at certain point sizes in the Bold font. Testing
> pointed to a hinting issue. We used TTFautohint instead of FontLab hinting
> and testing has shown that it fixed the issue. A bonus from the new process
> is it reduces the file size.
> Additionally, since no news release was made for Annapurna version 1.201,
> a maintenance version was released in August 2016 which fixes two issues.
> One was a Graphite reordering issue when reph and ikar are in a cluster.
> The second was a Graphite issue affecting typeTuner fonts.
> The home page is http://software.sil.org/annapurna/.
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