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Dear Dhaval,

the verse of *KP *is 67.57:

*The Goddess Yoganidrā having been concealed in me *[Śiva]*, myself having
the form of a mountain, and the female organ *[yoni]* of the goddess having
been fallen on that mountain, the mountain turned into dark blue.*  (trans.
B. Shastri [1991] 2008)


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> Dear indologists,
> I am looking for Puranic references that link together Shiva, the blue
> colour and the mountain.
> E.g.: in *Kalikapurana *is narrated that Nilacala turned its colour into
> blue because of the touch of the *yoni*, although the mountain was
> already identified with Shiva (and its linga) -- thus it may be (probably)
> assumed/hypothesised that the association between blue and Shiva was
> provoked by the *shakti *of the Goddess.
> An exact reproduction of verses mentioning this episode will shed more
> light on it. That may also help one search for similar episodes in other
> puranas, if any.

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