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Dear List,

Michael Witzel comes to this thread late and self-absorbed, dismayed that
nobody reads his papers carefully.  He also comes to the thread without
having read the posts carefully.  Where has anyone suggested that the "vast
majority" of Kuiper's list of loanwords were Dravidian?  I merely said that
I thought that Asko Parpola should at least have been mentioned.  Here
Michael is fighting some old war that now exists only in his head.

Steve Farmer and I have taken our discussion off-list.  It is mere
preconception that my posts have been motivated by grudges.  I have
persuaded Steve that I have no grudges.  We have called a truce.  He has
even gone so as to praise my Gita translation, which he uses in a class on
ancient yoga.  I am not going to bother to persuade Michael of any
of this.  Let him go on living with his preconceptions.

I stand by my only point: that the study of these Rgveda foreign loanwords
may have some value when it comes to solving the riddle of these IVC
signs.  It is a riddle that I am not interested in solving.  I spend my
days translating the Rgveda.  That is my pleasure.

George Thompson

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> It is not hieroglyphics but most likely another type of "writing" that is
> called logo-syllabic ...  or one of the other options have already been
> discussed in this thread, like a sign system.
> Best,
> Dean
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> Dr.Anderson,
> Thanks everybody for elaborating on the matter
> However, ,in this connection I would like to qoute a few lines from Pg 19
> of the book 'An
> Advanced History of India' by Dr.R.C. Majumdar et al ( Publisher
> -MACMILLAN, First edition
> 1946,Latest Reprint 1988), which says, in a Chapter on IVC - ' More than
> five hundred seals have
> been disccoverd....... made of Terra-Cotta .All of them contain ,a short
> record inscribed in a
> sort of pictorial writing ,which still remians undeciphered.'
> My question is -;Whether it implies what we call hieroglyphics?
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