[INDOLOGY] Fw: A Purāṇic myth on Nārada and Urvaśī

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I believe it is originally from the Vayu Purana. Unfortunately time pressure prevents me from locating the exact reference.
Dean Anderson

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DearProfessors and Collegues,
my name isOmar Abu Dbei and I am currently a PhD student under the supervision ofRaffaele Torella in Rome. 
Whileconsulting Vettam Mani’s Purāṇic Encyclopaedia, I have found a reference, under the entry Urvaśī (pp. 812-813), to a mythicalepisode that might be, under many respects, of the greatest interest for myresearch:

Once Agastya went to the durbar ofIndra. On the occasion Indra asked Urvaśī to dance. In the midst of the danceshe saw Jayanta, the son of Indra, and became amorous and her steps went wrong.Nārada who was playing his famous lute called Mahatī could not play well.Agastya went angry and cursed Jayanta to become a bud. He cursed Nārada also.So his lute became the lute of the world. Urvaśī was born on the earth underthe name Mādhavī due to the curse. Unfortunately,no Sanskrit source is recorded and, not being a specialist myself in the fieldof Purāṇas, I have been unable so farto find any possible one. Is there anybody who knows the exact source of this myth?
Many thanks for your attention.
Kind regards,
Omar Abu Dbei
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