[INDOLOGY] History of Nirnayasagara Press

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Dear Madhav,

That evokes happy memories of reading NSP texts when I was a student in Oxford in the late 
1950s, and then of stopping in Mumbai in 1961 on my way, by ship, to my first teaching post 
in the University of Malaya. I used the few hours in port to go to Nirnayasagara Mudralaya 
and buy more books, and had a look at the bits of type, vignette blocks and other equipment 
that were displayed. Sea travel and metal type: two wonderful achievements of technology, 
and I love the smell of both.



On 31 Jan 2017 at 12:02, Madhav Deshpande via INDOLOGY wrote:

I came across an important book in Marathi on the History of the Nirnayasagara Press 
published in 1967. If anyone is interested, here is the link: 


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