[INDOLOGY] Pedantic Indic fonts

Charles Li cchl2 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Dec 31 17:56:29 UTC 2017

Dear all,

For the past while, I've been adding glyphs and features to the Indic 
fonts that I use, in order to make better manuscript transcriptions. 
I've now put these fonts on GitHub 
(https://github.com/chchch/PedanticIndic). There are currently three 
fonts: Pedantic Devanāgarī, Pedantic Malayālam, and Pedantic Telugu. For 
more information and font samples, see 

For all three fonts, you can input vowel signs as independent 
characters. This is useful for indicating when a vowel sign has been 
added or deleted. Some consonant conjunct forms can also be input 
independently. See the webpage above for details.

Pedantic Devanāgarī is based on Sanskrit2003 (license unknown), with the 
addition of the pṛṣṭhamātrā vowel sign (U+094E), puṣpikā (U+A8F8), 
śirorekha (U+A8FB), and the Jaina oṃkāra sign (U+A8FD).

Pedantic Malayālam is based on Rachana (OFL 1.1/GPLv3+), with the 
addition of the chillu m (U+0D54) and some conjunct forms.

Pedantic Telugu is based on Pothana2000 (GPLv2+), with the addition of 
the valapalagilaka character.

This is very much work-in-progress; feel free to leave comments and 
suggestions on the GitHub issues page 
(https://github.com/chchch/PedanticIndic/issues) or even to add your own 

Happy new year,


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