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Dear Howard,

While I do not have an "explanation of the status," note that the Isa and
Brhad-Aranyaka share much more than the mantra: several of the Isa verses
appear (with some variation) in the 4th book of the Brhad-Aranyaka
(Yajnavalkya's teaching to Janaka, specifically 4.4.8-21). Also, the last
four verses of the Isa that begin with hiranmayena patrena etc. are
Brhad-Aranyaka 5.15.1, thus the concluding portion of book 5. Note also
that both belong to the White Yajurveda and that the Isa is the last
chapter of the Vajasaneyi Samhita (Vajasaneya being a patronymic of

All best,

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> Dear Scholars,
>         The famous mantra ‘purnam adah purnam idam…’ appears in
> Brhadaranyaka Up 5.1.1.  It also appears at the beginning of the
> Isopanisad, in some texts as an “Invocation,” at times as part of the text
> itself.
>         I would appreciate an explanation of this mantra’s status in the
> Isopanisad.
> Thanks!
> Howard
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