[INDOLOGY] ``Reading Bhaṭṭa Jayanta on Buddhist Nominalism'' (Publication announcement)

Patrick McAllister pma at rdorte.org
Thu Dec 7 15:21:33 UTC 2017

Dear list members,

I am pleased to announce the publication of “Reading Bhaṭṭa Jayanta on
Buddhist Nominalism”, a collection which I hope will be of interest to
some of you:


The volume contains the following contributions:

- Part I: The Nyāyamañjarī on Buddhist Nominalism

  - “A Critical Edition of Bhaṭṭa Jayanta’s Nyāyamañjarī: The Section
    on Kumārila’s Refutation of the Apoha Theory & The Buddhist
    Refutation of Kumārila’s Criticism of Apoha” by Kei Kataoka

  - “The Apoha Section of the Nyāyamañjarī” by Alex Watson and Kei

- Part II: Discussions

  - “The Qualifier-Qualificand Relation and Coreferentiality in
    Dignāga’s Apoha Theory” by Hideyo Ogawa

  - “On vyāvṛtta” by Pascale Hugon

  - “On Śākyabuddhi’s Interpretation of the Apoha Theory” by Kensho

  - “The Introductory Verse of Dharmottara’s Apohaprakaraṇa” by Hisataka

  - “Dharmottara’s Notion of āropita” by Kei Kataoka

  - “Understanding a Philosophical Text: The Problem of “Meaning” in
    Jayanta’s Nyāyamañjarī, Book 5” by Elisa Freschi & Artemij Keidan

  - “Competing Theories of Conceptual Cognition: Dharmottara and
    Trilocana vs. Dharmakīrti?” by Patrick McAllister

With best wishes,

Patrick McAllister
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