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I have already done my  research and published my voluminous D. Litt.,
thesis on this before twenty years and the book has been revised and
enlarged in the second edition as well. Shortly my exhaustive  English book
on this is going to be published. I have considered, compiled and analysed
firsthand original sources of avadhaana in all languages, where it is
practiced, directly and have given a detailed treatment with profuse
examples as well. Here my thirty seven years of direct experience as an
avadhaani having performed more than thousand avadhaana-s in various
languages with very many designs a challenges have been utilized to forge
authenticity into the findings and I have also consulted many illustrious
avadhaani-s to get a bigger picture. Hope this would answer all inquiries
of the seekers.



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> Dear All, I am writing on behalf of a colleague outside the field who is
> interested in avadhanam, the skill of performing multiple mental tasks at
> the same time. His interest is in the development of artificial
> intelligence and the neglect of the human intellect. He writes, "The
> narrative I'm trying to get at is that in this search of the new and shiny,
> ignoring and leaving behind the ancient and brainy is to our own collective
> peril; and that we would do well to democratize the art and skills of the
> likes of avadhanam before we create giant machine learning external
> brains.”
> I have come across stray references to avadhanam, and I have encountered
> the occasional mention of it in current media, but I don’t know of
> scholarship about its historical development or practice. Any leads or
> citations on its practice new or old would be very much appreciated.
> With thanks,
> Anna
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