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Correction :
Not तस्मिन्

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> Dear all
> In Raghuvamsa 6th Canto and Verse 58 or 59
> अथोरगाख्यस्य पुरस्य नाथं first foot says about Nagapura or Uragapura
> Mallinatha explains as कान्यकुब्जतीरवर्तिनागपुरस्य but this seems to be a
> mistake as Kanouj is on the North of India , whereas the poet in further
> verses clearly places it on the south.
> And on further search I found Arunagirinatha and Narayana in the
> commentary to the above mentioned verse give the details as the place  in
> the bank of the river कायकुटी
> पाण्ड्येषु कायकुटी नाम नदी प्रवहति तस्मिन् तीरे नागपुराख्यं...
> Does any one knows about this river or its modern name kindly inform.
> I also believe that even Mallinatha has written कायकुटी as the name is not
> famous that must be due to लिपिसारूप्य scribal error occurred
> Thanks

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