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                    I apologise for responding  a bit late to your mail owing to connectivity 


             With respect to my mail on the 25th, I would  humbly put in a few words . I never 

intended to state  that the whole of SmGita is identical with  the whole of Kantian 

philosophy....I am equally unsure of the fact whether the whole of  Gita can be at all  

identified with Kantian ideals I just referred to  SAMKHYA Yog and KARMA YOG( illustrated with 

Slokas) as those which have identity with  De-ontology  and hence with Kant as well.( I am 

equally aware of the fact that De-ontology is not the whole of Kantianism)  I believe some of 

the word I used, gave you a wrong impression.

                                         Thank you for your mail.


                                                                      ALAKENDU DAS.



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