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Dear All.   In addition to this reference to Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism, I may recommend specifically the two following books (which are most probably part of the bibliography of BEH): Kevin McGrath, Stri. Women in Epic Mahâbhârata, 2009, and, for the Vedic period,  St. W. Jamison, Sacrificed Wife/Sacrificer's Wife, Oxford University Press, 1996.
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> Message du 16/08/17 11:23> De : "Lubomír Ondračka via INDOLOGY" > A : "Shyam Ranganathan" > Copie à : "Shyam Ranganathan via INDOLOGY" > Objet : Re: [INDOLOGY] sex and gender> > Dear Shyam, in such a case, a normal starting point would be any standard reference work. I would recommend e.g. Brill's Encyclopedia of Hinduism. The main article on this topic, Karen Pechilis' entry "Gender" (vol. 4, pp. 788-805), has an extensive and up-to-date bibliography. Plus this theme is discussed in several other entries in this Encyclopedia (they are easily to be found using an index). Best, Lubomir On Tue, 15 Aug 2017 22:44:14 -0400 Shyam Ranganathan via INDOLOGY  wrote: > Dear all, > > This is a question from a colleague who is not on the list. This > colleague teaches a course on Sex and Gender theory and is interested in > articles that addresses the topic from differing cultural vantages. I > was asked about what was available on the topic that discusses the issue > from the perspective of the Indian tradition. I didn't know what to > say. I'd be grateful for any suggestions. > > Thanks, > > Shyam > > > -- > > ShyamRanganathan > > MA,MA, PhD > > Department of Philosophy > > York University, Toronto > > shyam-ranganathan.info  > > /The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Ethics > / > > /Patañjali`s Yoga Sūtras > / (Translation, > Edition and Commentary) > > /Translating Evaluative Discourse: The Semantics of Thick and Thin > Concepts / > > Full List, Publications  > _______________________________________________ INDOLOGY mailing list INDOLOGY at list.indology.info indology-owner at list.indology.info (messages to the list's managing committee) http://listinfo.indology.info (where you can change your list options or unsubscribe)

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