[INDOLOGY] Dharaṇīkośa of Dharaṇīdāsa

naresh keerthi nakeerthi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 05:24:29 UTC 2017

Dear List members,

I would be grateful if anyone has a pdf of the following text, that they
can share. If a pdf is not available, I would be grateful if the verse(s)
glossing the lexeme ‘*aruṇa*’ can be shared, with chapter/ verse number(s)
and page number(s).

Dharaṇīkośa of Dharaṇīdāsa (also known as *Anekārthasāra*) edited by
E.D.Kulkarni.  Pune: Deccan College Building Centenary and Silver Jubilee
Series #8. 1968.


Naresh Keerthi

NIAS, Bangalore

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