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Harry Spier hspier.muktabodha at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 01:58:58 UTC 2017

Dear list members,

The following e-texts have been added to the Muktabodha Digital Library:

1) kāmyakarmakamalā a paddhati on the worship of the Goddess
tripurasundarī. It is by prāṇamañjarī and is one of the few sanskrit texts
written by a woman. From NGMCP manuscript 5-1922 .

2) hayaśirṣa-pañcarātra a Vaiṣṇava pañcarātra dealing exclusively with the
construction, reconstruction of temples, erection and consecration of

3) kālikā purāṇa a purāṇā dedicated to the worship of kālī.

4) kulacūḍāmaṇi nigama a kaula tantra.

5) mahāguhyakālīvidhānam a paddhati on the worship of kālī from NGMCP
manuscript 2048 .

6) mahālakṣmīdīpadānavidhiḥ a paddhati on the worship of mahālakṣmī from
NGMCP manuscript 1571.

Harry Spier
Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library

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