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Dear Bradley and Philip,

Is there anyone that non-USA citizens can write to?  Is anyone likely to be
listening to the opinions of non-USA citizens on this matter?


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> Dear Colleagues,
> Please see below the important message from AIIS President Philip
> Lutgendorf.
> Thanks,
> Brad
> Dr. Bradley S. Clough
> Global Humanities and Religions
> LA 101
> The University of Montana
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> Fax: 406-243-4076
> ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————
> (Kindly circulate this as widely as possible among South Asia scholars. I
> urge you to act!  Thanks, Philip)
> From: Elise Auerbach <aiis at uchicago.edu<mailto:aiis at uchicago.edu>>
> Date: Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 2:24 PM
> Subject: Urgent request from AIIS President to all South Asia scholars
> Dear colleagues and friends of AIIS,
> As you probably know, the budget proposal before Congress, if approved in
> its present form, would have a severe impact on nearly all international
> education programs in our country. It would drastically reduce funding
> available for research fellowships, foreign language training, and most
> forms of educational exchange. Needless to say, it would be a terrible blow
> to AIIS and other American Overseas Research Centers (AORCs).
> I am asking you to write, as soon as possible, to your congressional
> representatives and to request them to restore funding to NEH, the
> Department of State’s ECA Bureau, and the Department of Education. A draft
> letter is provided below.
> The money involved is, in the perspective of the federal budget, trifling
> — less (needless to say) than a few presidential weekends in Florida. But
> with it, we scholars pursue a great range of activities that advance
> international understanding.
> You are accustomed to receiving urgent appeals and to being told of
> "funding crises” — but this one is worse. The Director of the Council of
> American Overseas Research Centers calls it “the fight of our lives.” It is
> also the fight FOR our academic lives and for all that we do. Congress can
> easily restore these paltry funding lines. Please make your voice heard
> urging it to do so.
> Gratefully,
> Philip Lutgendorf
> President, AIIS
> Dear XXXX
>     I am writing to express my strong support for two federal programs
> that fund the activities of the American Institute of Indian Studies
> (AIIS). Specifically, AIIS receives funding from the Bureau of Educational
> and Cultural Affairs at the Department of State and from the Department of
> Education's Title VI international programs. These very modest
> appropriations support a great range of activities that include language
> training for US scholars in critical languages of India, Pakistan, and
> Bangladesh, and research programs that promote international understanding
> and goodwill. The Trump Administration has proposed to severely cut these
> programs in both Fiscal Years 2017 and 2018.  The survival of AIIS depends
> on the continuation of both programs.  Please do all you can to see that
> both continue to receive at least their present level of funding.
> [OPTIONAL: a paragraph about the connection of the writer--like, "AIIS
> programs support the activities of students and faculty at [NAME OF YOUR
> INSTITUTION] and greatly enhance my own teaching and research. (etc.)]
>     As you know, strategic ties with India are growing and international
> cooperation on issues of trade, terrorism and security are more important
> than ever. Now is not the time to cut off academic contacts. Instead the US
> should be facilitating more interactions between US scholars, students and
> educational institutions with their counterparts in the world’s largest
> democracy. These programs not only benefit our entire country but also the
> students, teachers, and colleges and universities in [NAME OF YOUR STATE].
>      Again, I urge you in the strongest terms: please do all you can to
> see that the international exchange programs of the Departments of State
> and Education receive level funding in both FY 2017 and 2018.
>      Thank you for your attention to this matter..
> Sincerely,
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