[INDOLOGY] Request for Pdfs

Niranjan Saha shrinsaha at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 08:01:42 UTC 2017

Dear List,

I'd be very much obliged if some of you could make the following items
available (I could not succeed despite several attempts)

With regards,

1. *Hawley, John. ‘The Four Samprad¯ays: Ordering the Religious Past in
Mughal North India’*. In
South Asian History and Culture (Special Issue: Religious Cultures in Early
Modern India: New
Perspectives, ed. Rosalind O’Hanlon and David Washbrook), 2, no. 2 (2011):

2.*Minkowski, Christopher. ‘A Guide to Philological Argument in Early
Modern Banaras’*. In Epic
and Argument in Sanskrit Literary History: Essays in Honor of Robert P.
Goldman, ed. Sheldon
Pollock, 117–41. Delhi: Manohar, 2010.

3. *Benson, James. ‘Samkarabhatt**a's Family Chronicle’*. In The Pandit:
Traditional Scholarship in India,
ed. Axel Michaels, 105–18. Delhi: Manohar, 2001.

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