[INDOLOGY] question about mixed oral/manuscript transmission

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His question: For comparison with the Sejarah Melayu, is there in the
Indian tradition (Vedic or epic, for example) texts transmitted on the one
hand in a written form (copies of manuscript in manuscript), on the other
hand Without written support (a scribe not writing a text that he knows by
heart)? I think that this has happened for the SM: some variants (eg the
displacement of episodes) can only be explained by a stage of memory. Do
you have the reference of an article on the subject, or do you have a book
that talks about it?

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> Colleagues,
> My friend Henri Chambert-Loir, specialist of classical Malay literature,
> who is currently working again on the Sulalat al-Salatin (a.k.a. Sejarah
> Melayu, or 'Malay Annals'), has asked me a question that I would like to
> relay to the learned assembly:
> ------------
> Ma question : pour comparaison avec le Sejarah Melayu, existe-t-il dans la
> tradition indienne (vedique ou epique p.ex.) des textes qui se sont
> transmis d’une part de facon ecrite (copies de manuscrit en manuscrit),
> d’autre part sans support ecrit (un scribe mettant pas ecrit un texte qu’il
> connait par coeur) ? Je pense que cela s’est produit pour le SM : certaines
> variantes (ex. le deplacement d’episodes) ne peuvent s’expliquer que par un
> stade de memoire. As-tu la reference d’un article sur le sujet, ou
> possedes-tu un livre qui en parle ?
> ------------
> Would anyone have potentially useful philogogical comparanda in mind, and
> references (preferably with pdfs) to share that I could transmit to Prof.
> Chambert-Loir?
> Thank you!
> Arlo Griffiths
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