[INDOLOGY] "Gītagovinda: Towards a Total Understanding"

Jesse Knutson jknutson at hawaii.edu
Mon Apr 3 22:59:06 UTC 2017

Dear Friends, You might have guessed that I'm working on annotated GG
bibliography. The task started out as slightly tedious, but has become very
rewarding and pleasurable thanks to your help.
I also welcome any references to lesser known articles and works you might
know of. I look forward to sharing the bibliography with you when it's done.
A propos would anyone have a soft copy of the following?
Sarkar, Ranajit (1974). *Gītagovinda : towards a total understanding*.
Rijksuniversiteit te Groningen, [Institute of Indian Studies], Groningen,

Thanks भवदीयः,j
Jesse Ross Knutson PhD
Assistant Professor of Sanskrit and Bengali, Department of Indo-Pacific
Languages and Literatures
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
461 Spalding

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