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Dear All,    Thanks for the question. The statement of Prof. Walter Slaje is perfectly correct. I would simply add that the late Karl Hoffmann (Erlangen) was in charge of making the so-called "verb volume" of the Altindische Grammatik, and he made a lot of preparatory work for that, which can be found in his Aufsätze zur Indoiranistik, 3 volumes. He was certainly the best expert in that matter. He had several pupils in the same field of expertise, among them Johanna Narten and Toshifumi Goto. I assume that the so-called Erlangen school was the best qualified staff to make this long-awaited work, but it did not succeed for several reasons which belong to history. I may give this information, because I had the chance to meet all the actors of this venture. Now, in present times, very few scholars are able to invest the whole of their time in long-time and demanding projects, such as grammars and dictionaries, not to speak of editions and translations of texts.
Best regards,     Georges-Jean Pinault 
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This project was never brought to fruition. A successor to follow in the footsteps of Wackernagel & Debrunner did not emerge.> >

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I came across the anouncement of the Band IV of Altindische Grammatik of Wackernagel-Debrunner, Verbum und Adverbum (in Vorbereitung), in the Register volume for the first three volumes published by Richard Hauschild in 1964 (on the back of the cover page).  Was this volume dealing with "Verbum und Adverbum" ever published?  I have looked around, but not found such a volume.
Madhav Deshpande
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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