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For a (metrical) Dutch translation:

Gīta-Gōwinda. Pastorale van Djajadēwa in Nederlandsche verzen overgebracht door Dr. B. Faddegon. Santpoort: Uitgeverij C. A. Mees, 1932.

I suppose you already know my publications on the genre:

1) "The Genre of the Gītagovinda". In Cracow Indological Studies IV-V (2002-2003), pp. 587-608,
2) "Songs accompanied by so-called bhaṇitās in dramatic texts". In Indisches Theater: Text, Theorie, Praxis. 2010, pp. 63-75.
3) Kāvya in South India. Old Tamil Caṅkam Poetry. Reprint 2017.

For pdfs of the two articles, see my website.

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Can anyone tell me if the 12th/13th century Sanskrit poem Gītagovinda has been translated into any Slavic or east Asian languages? or any other languages that people might be less commonly aware of? Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, etc. accounted for. Best, भवदीयः,J
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