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SAGAR: A South Asia Research Journal is now accepting full-length research
articles and translations for its next print volume, to be published in
Spring 2017. The theme of this issue is “Space.” We welcome papers that:


   Analyze South Asian history, culture, politics, arts, and society in
   comparison with other regions of the world

   Look at space in terms of scope, latitude, margin, position, range, and

   Engage different kinds of narratives that can be located in but not
   restricted to local, global, (trans)national, institutional,
   digital/virtual, media, performative, literary, domestic, religious,
   political, cultural, social, ecological, and communal spaces

The deadline for submission is December 1, 2016. Please send your
manuscripts or questions to sagarjournal at gmail.com. Submissions should be:


   8,000-10,000 words and include a 250-word abstract

   Translations should be 3,000-6,000 words, preceded by a 1,200-1,500 word
   introduction contextualizing the text or excerpt.

   Manuscripts are expected to follow APA guidelines. Full citation article
   information should be included in footnotes.

   The entire article, including block quotations and notes, should be

Submissions should include:


   Two files in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Both files should include:


   Article submission

   Publishable images with credits, if any. Each photograph is equivalent
   to 250 words.

   For translations, a scanned copy of the original source text.


   One of the files should also include a title page with the author’s name
   and email address as well as a 100-word biography of the author. The second
   file will be for blind submission and cannot contain the name or contact
   information of the author.

Sagar publishes innovative academic writing in the humanities and social
sciences of South Asia, as well as critical translations. It was
established in 1993 and is published annually by the South Asia Institute
at the University of Texas at Austin. Submissions for our print issue are
blindly evaluated by an editorial board of advanced scholars in the field.

Sagar is listed on EBSCO databases, which are used for academic research by
tens of thousands of institutions worldwide. This will substantially
enhance the visibility of articles published in the journal.

Charlotte Giles, Paromita Pain, and Saleha Parveiz

Chief Editors, *Sagar: A South Asia Research Journal *

sagarjournal at gmail.com



*Sagar: A South Asia Research Journal*
University of Texas at Austin
South Asia Institute
WCH 4.132, Mailcode G9300
Austin, TX, 78712
ph: 512-471-3550

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