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Hi Jesse,

A slight variant, "janmanā jāyate śūdraḥ," is traced to the Skanda Purāṇa,
Nāgara-khaṇḍa 239.31 on the website linked below. The author of the website
article includes a screenshot of a published edition with the text
highlighted, but does not give any information about the edition of the
text. Still, I hope it is a helpful lead.

Ted Benke also quotes the passage in his dissertation (p. 267, see link
below), saying that it is "attributed to Manu," citing Radhakrishnan.

David Buchta
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On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 4:49 PM, Jesse Knutson <jknutson at> wrote:
> Dear Indologists and Friends, A friend and colleague, Ramdas Lamb, has
drawn my attention to, and asked me about the source, of a half-verse,
which he has heard quoted a lot in Ramanandi circles in India.  He is doing
some very interesting ethnographic work on the evolution of this order, and
told me about several inter-caste, Vedic पाठशालाs they have recently
established, incorporating sometimes even dalits, women, and adivasis.  I
have a feeling one of you knows the source. Thanks for your time. भवदीयः,J
> जन्मतो जायते शूद्रः संस्काराद्द्विज उच्यते
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