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Seishi Karashima skarashima at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 12:58:58 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,
Thank you very much for your reactions and information.
I had asked Dr. Peter Skilling before I posted this request. He could not
find the article at that time.
It seems that only offprints were made, as Gonda writes "only off-prints
published" in his *Old Indian*, Brill 1971, p. 182, fn. 5.
I shall ask Prof. Marek Mejor of Warsaw about the Nachlass, but if anybody
happens to have a copy of Bapat's article, please share it with me.
With best regards,

2016-09-18 19:47 GMT+09:00 Antonio Ferreira-Jardim <antonio.jardim at gmail.com

> Dear Prof Karashima,
> The issue of this missing journal has come up before. It seems it was
> never published but some rare offprints of certain articles exist.
> On the H-Buddhism list Prof Skilling requested this article back in 2011 -
> I'm not sure if he ever successfully found it.
> I think that Prof Maryla Falk was the editor and the collection was also
> called "Samjna-Vyakaranam" - perhaps the full collection of her articles
> can be found in her Nachlass via Prof Mejor in Krakow?
> Hope some of that helps?
> Kind regards,
> Antonio Ferreira-Jardim
> UQ
> On 18 Sep 2016 8:29 PM, "Matthew Kapstein" <mkapstei at uchicago.edu> wrote:
>> Dear Seishi,
>> There was a Studia Indologica published in Germany in 1955:
>> Studia
>> <http://www.sudoc.abes.fr//DB=2.1/SET=2/TTL=5/CLK?IKT=1016&TRM=Studia+Indologica>
>> <http://www.sudoc.abes.fr//DB=2.1/SET=2/TTL=5/CLK?IKT=1016&TRM=Studia+Indologica>
>> Indologica
>> <http://www.sudoc.abes.fr//DB=2.1/SET=2/TTL=5/CLK?IKT=1016&TRM=Studia+Indologica>
>> : Festschrift für Willibald Kirfel zur Vollendung seines 70. Lebensjahres /
>> herausgegeben von Otto Spies. Bonn 1955.
>> It may be a long shot, but if Bapat had a contribution therein and sent
>> out offprints noting his affiliations, it may have become mis-referenced. I
>> once gave the late Paul Ricoeur a review article I had written for
>> PEW and it was cited in one of his books with the name of the journal
>> given as "Feature Book Review."
>> These things happen.
>> best,
>> Matthew
>> Matthew Kapstein
>> Directeur d'études,
>> Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
>> Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies,
>> The University of Chicago
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