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Antonio Ferreira-Jardim antonio.jardim at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 10:47:04 UTC 2016

Dear Prof Karashima,

The issue of this missing journal has come up before. It seems it was never
published but some rare offprints of certain articles exist.

On the H-Buddhism list Prof Skilling requested this article back in 2011 -
I'm not sure if he ever successfully found it.

I think that Prof Maryla Falk was the editor and the collection was also
called "Samjna-Vyakaranam" - perhaps the full collection of her articles
can be found in her Nachlass via Prof Mejor in Krakow?

Hope some of that helps?

Kind regards,
Antonio Ferreira-Jardim

On 18 Sep 2016 8:29 PM, "Matthew Kapstein" <mkapstei at uchicago.edu> wrote:

> Dear Seishi,
> There was a Studia Indologica published in Germany in 1955:
> Studia
> <http://www.sudoc.abes.fr//DB=2.1/SET=2/TTL=5/CLK?IKT=1016&TRM=Studia+Indologica>
> <http://www.sudoc.abes.fr//DB=2.1/SET=2/TTL=5/CLK?IKT=1016&TRM=Studia+Indologica>
> Indologica
> <http://www.sudoc.abes.fr//DB=2.1/SET=2/TTL=5/CLK?IKT=1016&TRM=Studia+Indologica>
> : Festschrift für Willibald Kirfel zur Vollendung seines 70. Lebensjahres /
> herausgegeben von Otto Spies. Bonn 1955.
> It may be a long shot, but if Bapat had a contribution therein and sent
> out offprints noting his affiliations, it may have become mis-referenced. I
> once gave the late Paul Ricoeur a review article I had written for
> PEW and it was cited in one of his books with the name of the journal
> given as "Feature Book Review."
> These things happen.
> best,
> Matthew
> Matthew Kapstein
> Directeur d'études,
> Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
> Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies,
> The University of Chicago
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