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Dear colleagues

I would be very interested in Bapat's article on Narayanabala, too.

Best wishes

Ute Huesken


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Dear colleagues,

  Could you help me to obtain PDF copies of the following book and article?

(1) John K. Locke, Buddhist Monasteries of Nepal: A Survey of the Bahas and Bahis of the Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu 1985: Sahayogi Press.

(2) P.V. Bapat, "Narayanabala," Studia Indologica Internationalia, I. (Poona and Paris, 1954)

"Studia Indologica Internationalia" is an enigma. I have asked colleagues in India, Paris etc., but nobody knows about it. However, it is quoted in old articles.

Many thanks in advance,

Seishi Karashima

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