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On 16 September 2016 at 12:50, Ananya Vajpeyi <vajpeyi at csds.in> wrote:

> Minorities have never been so vulnerable at any time since Partition and
> Independence, nor has media discourse been so muted and stifled. (This
> reportedly happened during the Emergency in the mid-1970s as well -- but at
> least then, it was a properly declared period of emergency, and people were
> aware that the rule of law had been suspended in favour of a state of
> exception).
Dear Dr. Vajpayee

Is there any statistical evidence (for example, communal violence rate or
casualties/number of communal riots per capita) to back the claim that
minorities in India have never been so vulnerable since 1947 as they are
now? As per the recently released “Crime in India” 2015 report by the
National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), number of riots were almost the same
in 2015 as in 2014: there have been more agrarian riots, but less communal

The full NCRB 2015 report is here:
There are several reports summarizing the riot statistics, including one in
The Hindu here:

Same for media discourse: are there any data-based statistics available to
conclude that media discourse is the most muted or stifled now in India?

Would it not better be if such a claims are backed by evidence based on

Thanks, Nityanand

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