[INDOLOGY] Hindu and Islamic Traditions in the Eighteenth Century

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Could I interject?

I am working on the so called Muslim Vasihnavas of  the 18th century in UP and Bengal.

Any material on this would be most helpful.

Kind regards,


Prof. Harsha V. Dehejia

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Dear James,

I've found that some of the best materials to teach with for the 19th century are Francis Robinson's and Barbara Metcalf's writings on Islamic intellectuals in UP, Vasudha Dalmia's writings on Bhartendu Harishchandra, and Tanika Sarkar's writings on Hindu women. (Although I have to admit that I have to pick and choose portions of their writings, since their monographs are usually too large for undergraduate courses.)  In any case, those are my personal favorites.

Not long ago, John S. Hawley at Barnard taught an excellent course on religious history in Mughal India with a very comprehensive and up-to-date syllabus; I'm sure that he would be willing to share it (I can't seem to find a copy at the moment...)


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Subject: Hindu and Islamic Traditions in the Eighteenth Century
Dear Colleagues,

I am currently preparing a new undergraduate course on the religious history of  South Asia from the early sixteenth century to present.

I am looking for recommendations for studies of Hindu and Islamic movements in the eighteenth century in particular (I have plenty of material on the Sikhs).

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

With Thanks and Best Wishes,

James Hegarty
Cardiff University

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