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Dear Patrick,

For some useful references, although not for the terms that you mention and without allowing any metric conversion, see this article by Furui:


Ajivikas, Ma?ibhadra and Early History of Eastern Bengal: A New Copperplate Inscription of Vainyagupta and its Implications | Cambridge Core<https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-the-royal-asiatic-society/article/jvikas-maibhadra-and-early-history-of-eastern-bengal-a-new-copperplate-inscription-of-vainyagupta-and-its-implications/402546E37F41B6A9C70414693E17413D>
Ajivikas, Ma?ibhadra and Early History of Eastern Bengal: A New Copperplate Inscription of Vainyagupta and its Implications - RYOSUKE FURUI

I believe that one year down the line, the properly paginated version has still not appeared. (Cambridge UP must have better things to do than the serious management of journals.) Also, you may take a look at the following article and the references cited in its bibliography:

Wisseman Christie, Jan. 2004. "Weight and values in the Javanese states of the ninth to thirteenth centuries A. D." In Poids et mesures en Asie du Sud-Est: systèmes métrologiques et sociétés, 1: L'Asie du Sud-Est austronésienne et ses marches, edited by Pierre Le Roux, Bernard Sellato, and Jacques Ivanoff, 89-96. Études thématiques 13. Paris: École française d'Extrême-Orient; Institut de Recherche sur le Sud-Est Asiatique.

Perhaps this will lead you somewhere.

Best wishes,


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Dear All:

I hope some of you may be able to refer me to a reliable source for ancient Indian units of volume. Dictionaries and other sources generally give units of length and weight, but not volume. For example, one says an "añjali" is the same as a "prastha", and under prastha simply says that it is a unit of volume!! I would like to convert some of these into current measurements, such as liter. Thanks.

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