[INDOLOGY] Skandapurana: Śiva, cremation grounds and sexual intercourses

Paolo Eugenio Rosati paoloe.rosati at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 09:17:26 UTC 2016

Dear Indologists,

I'm looking for a translated (in english) passage of the Skandapurana:

In a secondary sources found that in *Skandapurana* and following
verses it should be written that Śiva was used to dwell in the crematory
fields where he had sexual intercourse with his wife (Sati?).

Actually I cannot check the edition kept in our department's library.
Anyone has a pdf or can just report the exact verses ( to
5.2.8.xxx)? I also need to be sure that the secundary source was right in
quoting the source.

Moreover, anyone can suggest any other Puranic source where I could find
the same (or similar) description?


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