[INDOLOGY] Question on Diacritical Marks

Nagaraj Paturi nagarajpaturi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 17:51:08 UTC 2016

Dear list,

What do we have to stipulate if a student of Economics needs to use
mathematical symbols in his or her dissertation?

Or, if a research-student  of a non-chemistry discipline needs to mention a
chemical equation with symbols?

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 10:47 PM, Ashok Aklujkar <ashok.aklujkar at gmail.com>

> Jeffrey,
> My view is the same as Matthew’s. However, I feel sad that in allowing a
> diacritic-less text we help the imperialistic current in the
> English-speaking world and lose an opportunity to inculcate in our students
> and their readers the habit of enjoying diversity.
> a.a.
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