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Dear Patrick,

I have the article, kindly supplied by a colleague on Indology.

It's not totally conclusive, but it's a good example of Gonda's amazing pre-digital abilty to find 
Vedic material, and his occasional forays into comparison with other cultures. It's the most 
helpful thing I've found on the subject since I raised the query.

I would add to Dominik's strictures on spontaneous feelings that in this context we should 
also avoid ideas about the moon which are part of our body of knowledge but not (as far as 
the texts show us) part of that of the ancient rsis: e.g. that the moon's light is reflected, or that 
it has an unseen side.

With best wishes,


On 7 Aug 2016 at 17:23, Olivelle, J P wrote:


Could you post a PDF of the article, if you have it?


    On Aug 7, 2016, at 9:49 AM, Dominik Wujastyk <wujastyk at gmail.com> wrote:

    May I request that further participants to the mind/moon discussion explicitly take note 
    of Jan Gonda's 1986 paper ('Mind and Moon .' In: G. Bhattacharya (ed.). Deyadharma: 
    Studies in Memory of Dr. DC Sircar (Delhi, India : Sri Satguru Publications): 147-160. 
    ) and respond to it, at least to some degree? I'm not saying "Gonda was right" or 
    anything like that. But he was a careful scholar with a lot of experience, and his 
    remarks on this subject probably form a worthwhile starting point for further discussion. 
    I am recommending this procedure in contrast to the more poetic, and perhaps more 
    charming method of expressing what one spontaneously feels about the moon and the 
    Best wishes,
    Dominik Wujastyk
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