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On 18 October 2016 at 10:32, Walter Slaje <slaje at kabelmail.de> wrote:

> I was also reminded that the thread is „sexual harrassment“, not „rape“ in
> the strict sense. This is correct. Might I, with your permission, then add
> the innocent question why public sexual harrassment in India is widely
> known as „Eve teasing“?
> The vast majority of victims are Indian girls. So, why an English – but
> not an Indian – forename to designate a crime committed by male Indian
> youth gangs against Indian women?
The term *eve-teasing* (note the use of lowercase *e*) is used not only in
India, but in other South Asian countries also (including Pakistan, Sri
Lanka, and Bangladesh).

And I believe the term eve here refers to women in general, and is not an
English/Western forename or reference to the Biblical Eve. A similar use of
the term eve occurs in Indian (maybe South Asian?) English in sports. Since
my childhood (1980s), I have noted that newspapers in India often refer to
Indian women's team in team sports as *Indian eves*. I doubt if this usage
is common outside India/South Asia. A few recent examples:

*Indian eves settle for bronze in Uber Cup*

Indian eves to get BCCI's nod for overseas stint

Sri Lankan eves take on South Africa in inconsequential WT20 match

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