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Dear All,

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Dear indologists,

I inform with a heavy heart the sudden demise of my father Prof.Korada
Mahadeva Sastri, Professor of Telugu and renowned linguist at Tirupati on
11th October. The last rites (10th,11th, 12th day) will be conducted at

Brief bio-data of Prof Mahadeva Sastri :

Born in 1921 at Machilipatnam, he is a triple Post Graduate, one in
Economics, the second in Comparative Philology and the third in Telugu. He
obtained his D. Litt in 1961 for his thesis on ‘Historical Grammar of
Telugu’ under the guidance of Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee, renowned
 Linguist, Calcutta University. He started his career as lecturer in the
Linguistics dept., Annamalai Univ. and later in the Telugu dept of Sri
Venkateswara Univ. and as was Professor at Sri Krishnadevaraya Univ,
Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. He was Visiting Professor at the Institute of
Indology,  Koln University, Germany during 1976-78. He was one of the
founder members of International School of Dravidian Linguistics,

His major works :

1. Historical Grammar of Telugu, pub by S.V.University, Tirupati,1964 2.
Descriptive Grammar and Handbook of Modern Telugu, pub. by Franz Steiner
Verlag, Germany, (2) ‘Andhra Vangmaya Parichayamu,’ an introduction to
Telugu Literature with the best specimens of Telugu Poetry (4) ‘Bala
Praudha Vyakarana Dipika,’ a commentary on the traditional Telugu Grammar
with a philological background and (5) ‘Telugu Vyutpatti Nighantuvu,’ an
etymological dictionary of native Telugu, pub by Dravid Univ. Kuppam and
(6) Bhasha-samskruti, collected papers on Telugu language and literature.

Some of his Research papers : 1 Intensive and Inclusive Compounds in
Telugu, 2 A Folk Tale in Western Bhojpuri, 3 Language of the Telugu
Inscriptions of the 12th and 13th centuries, 4 Development of Verbal Forms
in Modern Telugu, 5 Vedic and Classical Sanskrit, 6 Spontaneous Aspirations
in Telugu, 7 Prakrit Inscriptions in Buddhist Andhra and 8 Sound Symbolism
in Telugu.

Audrey Truschke
Assistant Professor
Department of History
Rutgers University-Newark

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>> Dear Colleagues,
>> I am forwarding the attached obituary notice of Prof Korada Mahadeva
>> Sastri, renowned linguist and Prof of Telugu, at the request of his son,
>> Dr. K. Suryanarayana.
>> Audrey Truschke (INDOLOGY committee member on duty)

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