[INDOLOGY] New e-texts added to Muktabodha Digital Library

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Mon Oct 3 01:16:25 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

The following new e-texts have been added to the Muktabodha Digital Library

Bharatanāṭyaśāstra with Abhinavaguptas commentary Abhinavabhāratī in three
volumes edited by Rāmakṛṣna Kavi and published in the Gaekwad Oriental
Series in three volumes .

Āryamañjuśrīmūlakalpa an 8th century buddhist text with many mantras,ritual
procedures and forms of deities common to their śaiva equivalents. The
e-text was transcribed from The Trivandrum Sansskrit Series in three

The Tantrābhidhāna with bījanighaṇṭu, bījābhidhāna, mantrārthābhidhāna,
var.nabījakośa and mudrānighaṇṭu . This is volume 1 in Arthur Avalon (John
Woodroffes) Tantrik Text Series and is a series of works concerned with the
codes used in presenting mantras in various tantras.

Harry Spier
Manager, Muktabodha Digital Library

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