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A colleague of mine is looking for a high-resolution image of dhanus/dhavin (Sagittarius) in Indian sculpture, mural or manuscript. I came across an image from the internet which gives the description: "C. Saura Sect of Hinduism. Zodiac Wheel. Dolerite. Andhra Pradesh, India”:
http://www.billmak.com/?attachment_id=1924 <http://www.billmak.com/?attachment_id=1924>

Could anyone confirm the provenance of this piece or any other similar object?

Textually, I am also curious about the variants dhanu/dhanvin. Sphujidhvaja in his Yavanajātaka gave dhanus, dhanurdhara and dhavin. Varāhamihira in addition gave the Sanskritized greek term taukṣika (from τοξότης). I am curious which form the modern Indian languages took - the bow, the archer/centaur or both?

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