[INDOLOGY] "On Rudraṭa and Rudrabhaṭṭa"

Gaia Pintucci gaiapintucci at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 10:40:15 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

Does anybody by any chance have a pdf file of

JACOBI, Hermann (1888). "On Rudraṭa and Rudrabhaṭṭa", Wiener Zeitschrift
für die Kunde des Morgenlandes, vol. 2 (pp. 151-156).


It is the very first article of what became a sort of exchange
of opinions between Jacobi and Pischel.
I collected pdfs of the later articles of this exchange, but I am
missing the first episode, so to speak.

With best wishes,
Gaia Pintucci

Universität Hamburg

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