[INDOLOGY] bhakti

Martin Gansten martin.gansten at pbhome.se
Thu Nov 10 06:45:04 UTC 2016


Was the person you met called Shyamasundara Dasa? As I recall, he claims 
to have been the first to use this term, though I didn't know he did so 
as early as 1974. Mainstream interest (if one can call it that) in 
jyotiṣa didn't develop until the 1980s, so that was probably when the 
term gained wider circulation. But there are others who have made the 
same claim, so perhaps the term was coined separately by several people. 
If memory serves (I couldn't swear to this), one was Chakrapani Ullal, a 
Kerala-born astrologer with links to Swami Muktananda. There may have 
been others as well.


Den 2016-11-09 kl. 23:57, skrev Luis Gonzalez-Reimann:
> Martin,
> Do you have details about when, how and or whom it was coined? I can 
> tell you that in 1974, during a stay in Paris, I met a disciple of 
> Bkaktivedanta Swami that practiced Indian astrology and he called it 
> Vedic astrology. So it has to be earlier that the 80s.
> Luis

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