[INDOLOGY] Sanskrit translations and parallel corpora

hellwig7 at gmx.de hellwig7 at gmx.de
Tue Nov 8 20:23:34 UTC 2016

Dear list members,

for a project dealing with the Rigveda, we want to transfer syntactic structures and other linguistic information from parallel texts (= translations) in English and other modern languages to Sanskrit texts.

So, for example, (1) we have a Sanskrit sentence X and its English translation Y, (2) we run a syntactic parser on the English sentence Y, (3) and transfer any detected structures to the Sanskrit sentence X. Sounds a bit exotic, but works surprisingly well for many languages.

What we really need right now, are parallel digital corpora that provide an English (German, French) translation for each Sanskrit sentence (or at least for comparatively small text parts).

Are you aware of any such **digital** resources? Text genre is not that important, but the older, the better. And they should preferably be massive in size.

Best, Oliver

Oliver Hellwig, SFB 991, University of Düsseldorf

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