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Michael Slouber Michael.Slouber at wwu.edu
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Thanks to all who responded about India’s first female sovereign.  I summarize the responses regarding queens who ruled in India before or contemporary to Razia Sultana:

(counting regents)

1. Nāgānikā, 2nd century BC Satavahana empire
2. Prabhāvatī Gupta in the 4th--5th centuries, Vākāṭaka dynasty
3. Kulaprabhāvatī, 5th century Cambodia (outside of the Indian subcontinent, but good to know)

(not counting regents)

1. Diddā, 10th—11th centuries Kashmir
2. Rudramā Devī, 13th Century, Kākatīya Dynasty

I also appreciate the references to O. von Hinueber’s book<http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/941300389>, which may refer to others.

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