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If we are including regents, then, we must include the Satavahana queen
Naganika, wife of Satakarni (180-170 BCE? or early CE?), who acted as
regent and carried on the administration after the death of her husband,
because their son Vedasri was a minor (based on Naneghat inscription).


On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 7:22 AM, Dominic Goodall <dominic.goodall at gmail.com>

> Do widowed queens who continued as regents after their husbands’ deaths
> not count?
> Surely there must be a few of these from much earlier periods. Prabhāvatī
> Guptā is one.  Another from further afield might be Kulaprabhāvatī, known
> from a fifth-century Cambodian inscription that seems to have been composed
> after her husband’s death (K. 875, *Journal of the Greater India Society*
> IV, p.117).
> Dominic Goodall

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